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Celebrate Dad and National Safety Month

3 Ways to Help Dad Stay Safe at Home

June marks the beginning of National Safety Month and the perfect time to focus on keeping our beloved fathers safe and independent at home. Whether you’re a family member looking for ways to help your dad or a professional working with seniors, there are

plenty of projects you can do in order to make your dad's home safer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Lighting Up the Home

Good lighting is key in helping seniors stay safe and independent in their homes, so start by making sure all the light bulbs around your dad's house are up-to-date and bright enough to lighten up any dark spots throughout the house. Consider installing motion sensor lights outside, as they can be especially helpful along walkways or near driveways. If your dad struggles with vision problems, consider adding nightlights around the hallway or bathroom to provide some additional illumination when needed.

2. Checking Stairs and Treads

If there are stairs inside or leading up to his home, make sure they are free from any tripping hazards like loose carpeting or torn mats. Take this opportunity to check that each stair has proper treads that are securely fastened in place with no gaps between them. You should also have handrails on both sides of the staircase—make sure that these too are secure and don’t move or wobble when touched.

3. Organizing the Garage/Workshop

If your dad likes working on DIY projects around the house, it’s important that he has an organized space where he can safely work without worrying about tripping over tools or other items left lying around. Take some time to help him organize his garage/workshop—install shelves so he can store items away neatly and hang things like bikes, ladders, and extension cords off hooks mounted onto walls. This way he won't have to worry about going through piles of clutter just to find what he needs.

Father's Day is right around the corner - why not make it extra special by dedicating part of it towards helping him stay safe and independent in his home? From adding lighting fixtures throughout his home to checking stairs for loose carpeting or torn mats, there are plenty of projects you can do together that will help improve safety while making his home more comfortable for him at the same time! Have fun with it! And don't forget - Happy Father's Day!

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