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Fair Housing and Home Modifications for Seniors

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to be aware of our rights when it comes to making home modifications. Fair housing laws exist to protect senior citizens from discrimination in regards to their accommodations and landlords need to be aware of what modifications can be made without consequence.

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Landlord Compliance

Fair housing laws are in place to ensure that all tenants, regardless of age, are treated fairly in regards to their living arrangements. Landlords must comply with fair housing laws when senior citizens request home modifications for safety precautions. These include grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and even modifications that make the entryway more accessible such as widening door frames or installing thresholds. It is important for landlords and caretakers alike to work together in order to come up with a solution that works best for everyone involved. Additionally, they should acknowledge that changes may have to be removed when the senior moves out but this should not deter taking necessary actions for safety today.

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Financial Assistance Programs

In many cases, financial assistance programs are available through government agencies or through private organizations that allow individuals and families access to much needed funding for home modifications such as those mentioned above. Each state may offer different types of programs depending on the needs of the individual so research into these options is encouraged. Additionally, veteran’s benefits may also cover some home modification costs and should also be investigated if applicable.

Home modifications for seniors can make a big difference in terms of safety, comfortability, and accessibility at home. It is important for both landlords and caretakers alike to take into consideration the needs of elderly individuals when discussing potential changes or modifications within rental agreements and understand the importance of fair housing laws along with financial assistance programs that are available. Doing so will help create an environment where seniors can live comfortably while feeling secure knowing their rights as a tenant have been honored.

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