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Fantastic opportunities await the well prepared, those committed to preserving the dignity and independence for themselves and those they love. Many less prepared will be swept up by the perfect storm that is just beginning to brew.

Things that make living enjoyable and rewarding get harder with time unless we actively plan for ways to keep them fun and easy longer.

Learn from top experts who work with older adults. Whether you’re just starting your retirement journey, the child of a widow, or a seasoned lifelong learner, this book provides answers to top questions encountered when developing an Aging-in-Place plan.

National Aging in Place Council Contributing Authors

Tara Ballman
Bonnie Dobbs
Scott Fulton
Mary Kay Furiasse
Ronnie Genser
C. Vicki Gold
Fritzi Gros-Daillon
Sue Haviland
Peter Klamkin
Gina Knight
Ryan McEniff
Andriana Mendez
Amy Miller
Wayne Mitchell
Courtney Nalty
Deanne O'Rear Cameron
Carmen Perry-Tevaga
Julianne Rizzo
Steve Toll
Julia Uhll

Aging in Place Conversations: What Industry Experts Have to Say

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